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Nov 2, 2012 12:00pm PDT
and new york city. residents are facing widespread gas shortages, many waiting in lines for hours, three to five hours to fill the tank or get fuel for generators and many can't fill the tank. even tree companies are putting jobs on hold because even they can't find enough gas to fuel their equipment. frustration is mounting in staten islands where residents say they're being ignored. that's where richard liu has been talking with survivors. why do they feel ignored throughout in staten island? >> reporter: toure, day five since hurricane sandy has hit, and they're asking the question, when will they get help? when can they get what you're talking about, electricity and more gasoline to fuel generators if they can't get electricity. they have situations like this in this part of staten island. this is called mansion road. they have yachts sitting in the middle of it. they cannot get through. this is a fire hazard. behind me yachts are 40 feet tall stacked one upon the other in front of front yards. down this road you see a lot of things. one thing you notice, there are cars. this morning
Nov 30, 2012 12:00pm PST
people. great to see it. >> that's nice. >> my favorite story from the week was the new york city cop who took time out of his day and money out of his wallet to buy a homeless guy a pair of shoes. just really nice. didn't know he was being photographed. someone snapped a photograph. it was pretty heartwarming. >> very sensitive. my favorite story of the week was when hector comacho, very sad. but then a comic thing when his girlfriend pulled back the veil and gave him a kiss which annoyed his girlfriend sitting in the front row. a food fight started. the sisters jumped in. it was like real housewives of boxing going at it. it was a mess. >> but i have to say, i think i speak for the whole table when i say my favorite table for the week was while our own se. cupp is not leaving for winning the power ball, but she's been urged to run as mayor of new york city. >> let's take a vote. >> you're not voting yes? >> everyone really just wants me off the show. i see what's happening here. >> no, nobody wants that. >> someone did start a draft s.e. -- no, just kidding. >> this is a fun story, flat
Nov 5, 2012 12:00pm PST
arrived in new york city, got off the train like stevie wonder saying new york just like i pictured it. i had no job and no friends in the city, but i thought i had to be in new york because it was the biggest toughest greatest city in the world. i had frank sinatra ringing in my ears. i wanted to wake up in a city that doesn't sleep because if i could make it there, i would make it everywhere. times square was central. getting mugged was a constant possibility. sometimes i wondered if i missed out on the great city my father had grown up in. there were clubs open at every hour of the day. always some interesting new person to meet. you knew any dream you had could come true in new york. i read joan's good-bye to all that as i fell in love with the city that came to seem like the best friend imaginable. it was so tough and strong i was proud to be part of it. see, before i arrived new york's greatest challenge seemed to come mostly from within. but over the last 11 years, new york's epic challenges have come from outside and revealed the depth of its character. 9/11 tested this city's med
Nov 7, 2012 3:00pm EST
in hartford. 33 degrees here in new york city. that's why we're seeing snow instead of rain. in philadelphia it's flop flopping back and forth between cold rain and snow. connecticut, rhode island, massachusetts, especially down in new york city, and new jersey, the last state that needs any sort of additional problems right now, is dealing with more snowfall. we are going to see the snow continue to affect us throughout the rest of the afternoon. it's going to make a mess of the evening commute. not that it's sticking so much on the roadways because they have been fairly warm, but a little bit of slush really makes a mess of any evening commute. as we go into tonight, later this evening we have a high tide. we could see a 1 to 3-foot storm surge, which will create more coastal flooding, especially in new jersey where there isn't a lot of protection because that's been wiped away. tonight we'll see the transition from snow over to rain. inland areas, especially across inland new england and inland new jersey we could end up with several inches of snow. we already have 1 1/2 inches of snow in
Nov 1, 2012 12:00pm PDT
rely on subways, train buses to get around new york city. speaking of getting around, msnbc's richard lui is in ridge foo ridgefield, new jersey, where the gas lines are long. and even if you can get gas, getting around is a nightmare, especially into the city. talk to us a bit about that. >> reporter: yeah, s.e., you're absolutely right. if you can get gas. he got a call from one of his friends. that's why he got in line for two hours. she has been driving for about 30 minutes. he spent about a quarter of his tank trying to get here to get gas. these are the sort of situations we're looking at. this line behind me right here, it is 60 cars long. it goes through two towns. it goes past the city lines. and that's how long people are waiting to get gas. this person is just about to get in there and will be probably be able to fill up her tank about 15 gallons. we've estimated so far here, s.e., that they have seen 300 people come here so far today. he got 9,000 gallons a little bit earlier. that means that he will have enough until about 10:00 p.m. tonight. we're hoping folks like this
Nov 15, 2012 12:00pm PST
. that's fema's primary task. >> also on hand this time around was new york city mayor bloomberg who didn't give the president a photo-op last time in town but gave him a post-storm re-election endorsement citing obama's position on climate charge. just yesterday he admitted the administration hasn't done enough in the first term when it comes to climate change, but he says the white house wanted to lead a national conversation on the issue during the next four years. with the fiscal cliff and calls for immigration reform, is now the time to tackle climate change? if not now, when we start the conversation? there's always time to talk about it in the backspin. what do you think? >> i'm at optimistic person in general and optimistic for the president's second term. i think we'll see a grand bargain type of deal and see renewed focus on infrastructure and jobs. very hopeful about immigration reform. the one issue that i'm very pessimistic about is climate change. it was basically dead on arrival, cap and trade was so demonized in the first term. i think when the economy is still tough, it's
Nov 3, 2012 12:00pm PDT
. suffolk county, new york is divided. i don't know how much turnout will fall on the city of new york. if i want does it would make a difference. >> democrats are contesting on the shore, there's talk maybe the republican areas hardest hit there. i want to ask you another thing about the battleground. i took a look this morning and it seems there's basically a fire wall here that obama has on tuesday that involves three states, ohio, wisconsin, and nevada. if romney won basically everything else that's up for grabs in not these three states he would be short of 270. he would have 267. if you look at the clear averages in these three states these are persistent leads. ohio, wisconsin, nevada. are we at a point where the only hope for romney there's something wrong in the method oflg these state polls? >> i think we're about at that point opinion he has a couple of days left for him to make a come back. there isn't a single poll, a single nonpartisan poll in ohio, wisconsin or nevada that shows romney in the lead. and, yes, you know the polls have been wrong before and it's conceivable that t
Nov 21, 2012 12:00pm PST
angeles, new york, philadelphia and boston. so i would say that those are going to be some of the busiest airports this holiday season. >> you know, wendy, not everybody goes over the river and through the woods to have turkey and cranberry sauce with grandma. most depressing thing i saw this week is families camping out at the big box stores like now and they're going to have, you know, i don't know canned food or something tomorrow for lunch and dinner or whatever you call it and then black friday. that depresses me. are there other more fun unconventional thanksgiving you have heard of? >> well, what i found is really interesting. the trip adviser survey found about 40% of people are actually dining out this thanksgiving. they're not cooking at home. they're going out to a restaurant. so that was pretty interesting. not everyone wants the stress of making the turkey. >> cowards! >> that's okay. but i would recommend you find your restaurant in advance. a lot aren't actually open on thanksgiving so make sure you have your reservations well in advance. we also found that people are shopp
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)